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World Kurdish Congress

Vision and Mission

The World Kurdish Congress (WKC) is an independent, non-religious, non-political and non-for-profit society established in 2010 to develop and promote science, technology, culture and art in Kurdistan. The WKC includes distinguished researchers, scholars, professionals, and artists committed to serving the Kurdish nation. The WKC is committed to providing independent and objective advice to the Kurdish nation on matters related to science, technology, art and culture.


Why World Kurdish Congress (WKC)?

There is a growing international awareness among the Kurds in diaspora for the need to create a global Kurdish network aimed at enhancing the quality of life for the people in Kurdistan through science, technology and art. Kurdish and non-Kurdish academicians, professional and artists are encouraged to join WKC in order to help elevate the Kurdish society and bring global recognition to its causes.


There are several factors vital to sustainable development of Kurdish society. These include in part development plan and policy, management and skill development, knowhow and technology transfer, human resource development, reconstruction planning, effective use of natural resources, sustainable industrial development and establishment of national and civic society institutions including protection history and culture. A strong and competent Kurdish professional network could pave the way for Kurdistan’s prosperity and sustainable development.


General Activities

The WKC is committed to help transfer global ideas, technology, knowhow and best practices to Kurdistan in order to promote prosperity and progress to become an active part of the modern global society.

The WKC multidimensional activities include but not limited to the following:

  • Identify and establish a multidisciplinary network among Kurdish and non-Kurdish scientists, artists, professionals and prominent businessmen worldwide.
  • Provide opportunities for interaction and close cooperation among Kurdish researchers, artist and the business community.
  • Serve as a link between the scientific and business community and Kurdish society and provide professional advice on issues of vital national interest including cultural development.
  • Help develop highly qualified human resources and promote capacity building in different matters both inside and outside Kurdistan such as governance and public services provision.
  • Promote public awareness about Kurdish matters by applying various mass media mechanism nationally and globally.
  • Participate in the formation of national institutions to tackle fundamental issues related to cultural and economic development of Kurdistan.
  • Advance awareness among policy and decision makers for Kurdish issues and cultural and economic development.
  • Organize Scientific World Kurdish Congress addressing critical issues related to Kurdish people both in Kurdistan and abroad.
  • Form a politically independent “Think Tank” groups to address critical questions and provide Kurdistan with a long-term development strategy and vision.

To achieve the goals listed above, the WKC reveals and examines structural problems in each area of society and studies and evaluates potential scientific -based solutions.


Bounding Values

The WKC commitments and values include:

  • Working for Kurdish national interest
  • Preserving Independence
  • Being non-profits, non-political and non-religious
  • Working for the common good of Kurdish people
  • Elevating the use of scientific-based research and knowledge
  • Cultivate purposeful discourse in the Kurdish societies
  • Working for diversity and inclusivity
  • Honour excellence in Kurdish science, technology and art


Executive Board Members:

Comprised of 5 Executive Board Members and are responsible to represent WKC and manage WKC activities. President is a de facto an Executive Member.